Sunday, 17 March 2013

kpt and teluk cempedak..

Assalamualaikum Readers..

Erm..kpt kali ini was just like a little messy due to small..small??..yes small problem..because i try to think as u view things will bring different consequences..kalau fikir teruk then it will become worse..(padahal dah nangis pon ptg tu sbb tension, nasib baik la Mr HS know how to make me calm..  he said sy xpernah tengok anak gajah jgn nangis, nanti xcomei)..kikikiki.., so,.just take it easy..lucky we arrived at sultan ahmad convention centre a day before the we set up the booth, after loking for clip to hang all the banners and bunting, at ECM..east coast mall, opposite saicc..

Ni lepas dah ciap2 set up booth..balik umah...n siap utk ke tanjung lumpur mkn ikan bakar@ seafood..

Again, really lucky to have my dearest friend Mr P here at kuantan.. he is just like our tourist guide..Dinner mlm tu pon dia blnja,,thanks a bunch Mr P...lupe nk snap photo.

The next day, we went to kpt as usual most of the visitors are school students of form 5 and form 4. I talked to 2012 spm candidates with loaded spirit due to receiving motivation from Mr HS..berbelit nye bunyi ayat bi zila tu..sila abaikn dan buat2 betul k..

Petang tu, Mr P brought us to Teluk Cempedak..minum air kelapa and mkn keropok lekor..absolutely teluk cempedak is very nice, beautiful,clean beach i ever seen, with a lot of fast food there..ada mc d, burger king..Subhanallah, the view is really extraordinary beautiful..

Today is the last day at kuantan..sobs..sobs..sedih..

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