Wednesday, 17 April 2013

stress n demam..

Assalamualaikum Readers..

For me, my blog is just like virtual diary..the place where i write anything as long as the thing that i Am going to write does not reveal *everything*..know what i mean....pretend as u know even if u dont..hihihohi...

Today..kind of hectic and miserable day for me..same goes for yesterday..i was being tested..but i know i lose in this battle..oo God, please forgive me..i am not as i thought..sometimes, i just feel like i am a loser..too much bendul..yet, easily touched, the same easily tears dropped when stressful..a lot things occurred in the office..dont want to state here..

Today, after worked feeling kind of sakit inside the heart..sakit dada,.face turn hot..hand turn cold like ice..head kind of dizzy..God, i am not complaining..i am just stated how my day was today..

Demam ke? I am Not sure..thing that i know, i feel like spinning..i have to sleep..may be..

Nite to all..i know there must be hikmah upon everything..

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