Tuesday, 18 June 2013

good bye to all..

Assalamualaikum readers..

Today is my last at VIC..after all, it was a great feeling to be there for almost six months..i did learn a lot of things, i knew new friends..i gained how to deal with people..gave them path away for their future..but somehow..too much challenge which is unreasonable to face with does not make sense....how..only me..my superman..my brother n mum knew it..hihihi..so why not i am looking for new opportunity ahead..

This is The circle of life..we will meet people yet one day we will be apart from them..sad, but no worry..we will meet new people again..new environment..there is a little worry but i dare to challenge myself..i am a bit afraid, yet i do believe in Him..He is always with me, no matter what..

Good bye to all my beloved friends at VIC..absolutely i will miss them..but betwEen me and them..we have different vision n mission in life..

To all my students there..i wish u all, best of luck in your study..may u succeed with flying colours..

Feels like crying..but onLy the  inner feeling..

Dear readers..please pray for me too...new experience will begin soon..:)

For now..balik kg dulu..meet my beloved mother..my dearest abg n kak ipar..my cutest kitten..rest in peace for two weeks..hihihihi..
First of july..new journey begins..

Ok..nite to all♡♡♡♡..

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