Friday, 26 July 2013

detective conan

Assalamualaikum my love2 semua...

Haha..poy je love2..tang mna ntah tu..

Alhmdulillah dh sampai 15 ramadhan.diberi pluang utk mnjlnkn rukun islam yg 3..

Penat juga hri2 mjdi detective conan ni..siasat sana sini..xkira waktu,.case x dpt hntar on time..g mna tuu...sometimes, so troubling to deal with certain people..why n why,. u r busy working, me too working..we both r me out to settle it..let He rewards u 4 what u've contributed..easy saying, tough doing..sabar heart..He knows u best..

As long as u get didn't get better offer..ur place is there..ok detective conan..As He wants u to learn something..make use of it..challenge urself to face it..

May He bless U , heart..keep life motivated..

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