Sunday, 28 September 2014

broken heart

Assalamualaikum semua...

This post is dedicated to girl only..

What do u do when ur heart is broken...

Cry..remain silent or..shout out?

Me...the only way that i do is crying..

But does the problem solve?


So..what to do....

Let us think about it..

First..what if we share the problem with whom we u think they will help..what if they underestimate mentioning that ur problem is just makes u even sadder isnt it?
But dont generalize, perhaps someone can make u feel better. on fb?do u think this help..for me i totally disagree..though sometime feels like doing so..i think those who posted it on fb..only need people to feel sympathy to them.
.or just want some attentions from those who does not even care about them...

Third..stay calm after crying.
Reflect what had happened..put trust in yourself..n remember...god's plan is better than us..senang crite..buka quran ngaji..tenangkn diri..jgn duk fikir mcm3..thinking too much is wasted in certain circumstances...

Opsss...i want to read quran now...pray asar first..i am not in a good condition now..Ya Allah, please ease me..

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