Thursday, 17 January 2013

A new journey has begun..

Assalamualaikum and Goor Morning Readers..

Three weeks in a new environment..somehow gives me new experience too.Workload is not so much, but still requires our team members to work until 8 pm.

Calling and inviting people to join our college needs a huge effort. Receiving unfriendly greeting from the call would be less than nothing. Make our ears deaf would be the right solution.

Please heart, be strong. this is your journey..bear with it..

Ok..i have to be back to do my routine..But wait, how i am supposed to disturb SPM candidates who are still sleeping at this hour..enjoy the moment of their holidays..:P


  1. Setiap perkerjaan ada cabarannya.Teruskn dgn apa yg telah diberikn oleh Allah.Keep strong!We are still in the learning process.Great to have you as my officemate. <3.(At least hlg skit stress + blh bergosip :p)

  2. haha..yelah cik farah..baik2..;-)..kuatkan semangat..