Friday, 12 October 2012

Gambar Raya 2012..wE are BIG Happy Family..

Assalamulaikum Readers..

Just wanna share something..I have one big happy family..below are the photos during Eid Celebration..check it out..:-)
Ni gambar my Mek and I....

          Ni Pulak..My Nieces and Nephews..from left: Shasha, (me at the middle), Izzati  Front: Adli, Najla ( beloved kecik), and Danish aka Abang..

       This is my big happy family..But not all of them were here because some are at their mother in laws house

This is my very pampered nephew, the back..and in front of me is my niece Eisya

This photos consist of me and my anak2 sedar..from left Shara..Nini and
  front: Adli, Eisya, Qistine, Lala, Abang and Husna

This is my first nephew, Fahim...dah serupa couple lak..maklumlah when i was 5, i had my first nephew..