Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Assalamuaikum Readers..

Selamat Pagi..

Last Saturday, we organized family day at Pangsun, Hulu Langat..Those who stayed around KL and Selangor ( Abe Zul n family, Abe Dae's family, Abe Yie's family, Abe Jamal's family, Kak Zura and Me) attended the program except for my twin sister (Kak Yah), only his twin brother (Abe Yie) attended..We began our journey to Pangsun at 9.00 am..We arrived there around 10 o'clock.

The day before, i did help my youngest brother, Abe Jamal to provide BBQ Chicken by using traditional ingredients..We are going to grill it the next day. So the chicken was marinaded for a day..My sister, Kak Zura bought fishes and prawn..Abe dae's family brought sausage and Nasi Goreng Kampung..Mean while Abe yie's family brought Nasi Putih and Sardine..Xsempat pon nak rasa..hehe..lagipon pagi tu..macam xda perasaan nak makan nasik..

In the beginning i have not plan to mandi sungai..yet i prepared the clothes if let say i've change my mind..So, i helped my youngest brother to grill the chicken, fish,sausage n prawn since i don't want to mandi sungai..here's the photo

        the guy in the picture is not my youngest brother, this is my twin brother..abe yie..we grilled the prawn...

But..as we all known...Kalo pergi sungai, mana boleh xmandi sungai..At 2 p.m..zila pon mandi la sungai..abes crite..Luckily i prepared the clothes .

Lebih kurang pukul 4, kami bertolak pulang....Hujan lebat on the way balik..abe jamal balik ikut Ampang because i asked him to send me to my home at Gombak..Suka susahkan adik beradik zila ni..aish...naseb baek semuanye jenis supporting...

Overall, the event  is successfully organized though a little mess occured.. Bende tu xde bende ni xde.ye la rancang pon last minute..Hopefully, we are going to organize the same kind of event next time with fully planning and preparation..

Frankly speaking i am lucky to have a big family, lived in the same area..At least we will meet..makan2..n borak ngan adik beradik..so Ukhwah tu tak akan terputus.Insyaallah..

P/S: kalau mek ada lagi best..mek oyak nak kutip etok..kat cni banyak etok..haha..abe dae la pengutip etok on that day..siap bakar lagi..

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