Friday, 28 December 2012

Cameron we come...

Assalamualaikum Readers..

Hai semua...after we went to sister Kak yah and her family went to Cameron Highland (CH)..since i went to Kalumpang with them, i also joined them to CH..CH is never bored place for me to visit..I enjoy being there..the air is cold, the water is much more cooler..taking bath need us to use warm water, if not the feeling of coolness will bite our skin and much exaggerates..

This time, we repeated the history of few years back..i used to go to CH with Kak yah before..but this time was unplanned journey to CH..the decision is made on the way going back from Kalumpang...

As usual, since it was unplanned, a little messy occurred..My brother in law, abe ju goes here and there to find the hotel where we want to stay during night..First attempt was to find apartment but the fee was very high since now is school holidays, the amoi mentioned RM 350 per night..wahh...very he went to another hotel to ask for the vacancy and the rate..finally he managed to find a hotel.. Hong Kong Hotel..the rate is RM 200 per night, still very expensive yet considerable..the rate for normal day is only RM 98, and weekend is RM 128...

All of us were really tired due to heavy jammed in CH..After Abe Ju paid for the deposit, we checked in at the hotel..Faris (my nephew) and Nabila (my niece) taking bath after we reached the hotel room..After that, we went down to have dinner..We planned to go to Pasar Malam Brinchang, yet it was planned was cancelled..We went back to hotel and having very deep sleep due to tiredness...

The next morning, our tour in CH began..first of all, we had our breakfast at Kedai Mamak, after we checked out from the hotel..We planned to go to Tea Plantation, Pasar Brinchang, Strawberry farm during the day..At night, before going home, we stopped at Pasar Malam Brinchang..Alhamdullillah, we managed to accomplish our mission at CH..Let's enjoy the memories captured here..

In the hotel room..ready to begin the journey.. comel mok su, kan Faris.....hahaha

Faris and his payung strawberry at tea plantation

This my beloved Kak Yah, Najwan and Abe Ju (the biggest sponsored for me at CH)..lalala..
location: tea boh punya iklan kat sini la...

my little Wawan with his Jagung..

handsome boy..

Nabila at Strawberry farm..

the strawberry was not so nice this season..haha..musim hujan kot..

The road to strawberry farm is extremely dangerous..Abe Ju was very careful drove his car..he said, this is the last time we go and pick strawberry at this farm..hehehe..

Actually, banyak lagi gambar..tapi guna i don't have it with me..

I thanked my Kak Yah and Abe Ju a bunch for this free journey..i dont have to pay anything also..malunya la rasa..I told kak yah, Kak Yah, when la kaya, la belanja Kak yah pulak g holiday...hoho..bila la tu..kak yah kata bukan nanti kaya..nanti dah kerja betul2..heheh...

I am so happy..we are so happy..duit pon bnyak melayang..kan kak yah..lallalala..That's all for now..We reached home at 2 am from CH..sampai2 umah terus tido...:-)

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