Friday, 21 December 2012

Kuala Gandah..A visit to Elephant Sanctuary..

Assalamualaikum Readers..

Yesterday i went to Kuala Gandah..i've been appointed as a committee members for LEAD 2012, apart from presentation of the paper from academians from all of the globes, we brought all the participants to a visit to the  Elephant Sanctuary in Kuala Gandah, Pahang.. The journey to Kuala Gandah took at about 1 hour and half from IIUM Gombak..

As early as 7.00 am, we departed to Hotel Rennaisance to pick up some of the participants who stayed at the 9.oo a.m, we left KL and began our journey to Kuala Gandah..Around 11, we arrived at Kuala Gandah..We first had our breakfast, then move to the seminar room where we have been showed the video on animal conservative activity..the workers had risk their life in order to save the elephant which had been lost in the jungle..they treat them, feed them and doing so many check up towards the animals..

 the tag before we enter the elephant sanctuary

After video show, moved to the next program..we have been presented with the 'orang asli' dance/ joget perhaps.. I am not so sure the name of the tarian....

the dance show by orang asli

Then, we moved to next activity, which were traditional hunting instrument show by orang asli..malay used to call it menyumpit binatang in the jungle..but kami bukan menyumpit binatang but we have to blow out the balloons by using sumpit buluh..i don't have the picture here for this moment, because the photo is taken with my friend's camera..

There was also the exhibition of the handcraft by orang asli..when we buy the items, it will be considered as donation to them..

We also had local fruit feast, among the fruits are durian, mangosteen. rambutan and local fruit call duku/langsat..I ate quite a lot of the fruits..nice and free..heheheh

After having lunch and pray, we reached the final activity at Kuala Gandah which is elephant bathing activity and we can feed them too..;-)..I will upload the photos late okay..;-)

Here i want to share some information about Kuala Gandah, the information is taken from pahang ecotourism

The Elephant Sanctuary is located near Lanchang (there is  small road heading north, just before reaching a Boustead Petroleum (BP) station, then turn left at the next intersection. From this point on, just go ahead due north and there are ample signboards as your valuable guide.  It's in the centre of Peninsular Malaysia.  The journey is about 2 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur or 150 km only.


Some of the activities there...

12.50PM - Saturday,Sunday & Public Holidays
2.00pm Friday only
Visitors are encouraged to handfeed the elephants during their lunch.
Visitors are invited to ride an elephant the natural way, without basket
Visitors can ride & play with the elephants in the river under staff supervision
*Activities are limited to 150 pax only.
Make reservation now!

I also have contact to one of the persons who is in charge for National Elephant Conservation Centre Kuala Gandah, Lanchang Pahang Malaysia

You can call this person for the reservation..or just come in for the visit..

Husyin Bin Abd Murat
Nature Guide
Setiausaha Persatuan Belia Bolok Afktif

You can reach him via his Fb too..Husyin their Fb belia bolok aktif.....


Email him

and also call him

According to him, some of their services are:

* Jungle trial of 1.5km
*Visit Aboriginal Village
*Activities with elephant
*Nature Water Fall....

With the slogan We Love Nature..i personally think that Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre is the place where you can come and  visit our nature, with the beautiful scenery, tame and obedience elephant, very helpful nature guide, this will be the awesome place where you can feel very close to our nature..They also provide home stay if you would like to stay there..;-)

I wish i can go there again next time..i want to join the baby elephant bathing  activity..;-)
Brother Husyn promise me that he will treat me for free for this activity since i like their FB belia bolok aktif page..Bro, you have to keep your promise okay..;-)

See you..thanks for reading..


  1. their yesterday (wed) wt 2 tourist from KOREA...many thanks for bring them there , i will bring my family , friends and also more tourist the pro guide n +6012 3670007

    1. thank you very much for your reading :)

      hope u enjoy :)