Friday, 28 December 2012

Family Day..Kalumpang..

Assalamualaikum Readers..

Salam Jumaat..Alhamdulillah..bertemu kembali dalam arena pemblogtan ini...huhu..

Salam penuh keberkatan di pagi Jumaat ini...

Just wanna share a little story about my family day at Kalumpang, Perak..Kalumpang is one of the awesome waterfall in Perak..with the beautiful scenery and natural sounds of the creatures during night,  it gave us the unforgettable memories ever...

We went there on Saturday and spend one night at Kalumpang..fullest activity of makan2 during day and night ..since it is waterfall, our family members won't let the opportunity to mandi manda air sungai..the water is so cold..But i'm not joined them to mandi manda due to certain reason..

We have barbecue at night..we grilled chicken, lamb and heaven...the night ended with our stomach  fulled with food...At 12 midnight, the lamp was automatically turn off, may  be the owner of the chalet didn't want us to disturb other people who wants to sleep..

chicken and corn is grilled..

my nephew and me..the photo is blur due to bad lighting of my phone's camera..hohoho

 this is my sister, Kak Zura..tukang bakar..

All my family members joined this trip except my handsome brother, abe nor, my beautiful sister Kak ni and my oldest sister Kak Num since they have their own commitment..My precious mek also joined this event, came from Kelantan for this family day..

Overall, this event is successfully organized, though i don't  need to pay any penny to them..hehe..untung la jadi orang xkerja ni..but it is shame on me la...but what to do...

As usual, i always feel lucky to have a very great family members who always by my side during hardship and wonderful time..Thanks a lot to my mother, my brothers and sisters for everything that they have done for me..Only Allah can rewards u guys..

                               "My famliy is my precious Gem ever till yaumul kiamah.."

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